Cervical Facet Injections

Who is a candidate for cervical facet injections?

Anyone with chronic neck pain and arthritic or thickened facet joints. Most patients have exhausted other treatments to no avail and have increased pain with head rotation and flexion. Often the pain onset occurs post injury such as whip lash.

What is a facet injection?

The injection contains a steroid accompanied by a local anesthetic and is administered into the actual facet joint. The facet joint is located between every vertebrae down the spine. It allows for movement between the spinal column bones. Facet joints are practically in constant motion and allow for movement, range of motion, flexibility and more. Due to their immense work load and importance arthritic changes can sometimes set in. When this happens and causes chronic pain a facet injection can be used to reduce inflammation and symptoms.

Should you get a cervical facet injection?

The best way to decide is through proper diagnostics. The facet is hard tissue and can be viewed on X ray. Specific findings along with your history will ascertain if an injection may be beneficial for you. If you have been suffering and other treatments have not helped ask your doctor if they think a cervical facet injection could help you!


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