Radiofrequency is used to stop nerves that transmit pain signals to the brain. It is like putting a phone call on mute. The message is still there but you know longer get it! How amazing is technology that there is now a mute button for pain? It really is that simple. The body is controlled by the nervous system, it is the master controller of the entire body. Some nerves tell your foot to tingle, your stomach to digest or your heart to beat and some tell your brain to feel pain. When those specific nerves are basically put on mute, your brain no longer receives the message and you know longer have pain!

If pain and discomfort have taken over your life and no other course of care is helping Radiofrequency may be a great fit for you! It is not very invasive, has no to little risk and virtually no down time.  Ask your doctor if this could be right for you!

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