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Tag Archives: back pain

Does Smoking Affect Back Pain?

Smoking is a significant health hazard. It weakens your immune system, it causes an increased risk for lung cancer, colon cancer, and mouth cancer (among many others). It can cause COPD, chronic bronchitis, stroke, heart disease – the list is […]

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Stretching for Pain Relief

One of the first things a personal trainer will teach you is the importance of stretching. Stretching is believed to be a critical tool for preventing injury, and has the ability to increase flexibility.
But stretching may have additional benefits as […]

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How to Avoid Holiday Back Pain


It’s the holiday season, known for its bright lights, presents, family time, and celebration. But here at SpineCenterAtlanta, it’s also known for its surprisingly high spike in back pain. Holiday back pain is a common challenge that affects thousands of […]

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