Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injection

The thoracic region of the spine is located in the upper torso. It consists of 12 bones known as vertebrae. Vertebrae are the protective bones of the spinal column that houses the spinal cord. The spinal cord and nervous system supply the entire body with essential messages between every cell, tissue, muscle and organ and the brain. With out the spine and nervous system there is no movement, no feeling and no life. The spine runs from the base of the skull to just below the hips. The mid back or thoracic region not only has this vital task that the rest of the spine does of maintaining life sustaining communication between the body and the brain, but also is the guardian to the most crucial of organs, the heart and lungs! If either the heart or lungs no longer receive their nerve supply and communication with the brain, life will cease. Keeping this immensely necessary area in optimal health is of the utmost importance!

Conditions such as: arthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging discs, and acute injury can cause inflammation and pain to the thoracic spine that is so vital! When this pain can not be controlled with more conservative treatments a Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injection may be a solution. This involves pain relieving and anti inflammatory medication being injected into the epidural space which is the space around protective sheath of the spinal cord called the dura. If warranted which can be deemed through proper diagnostics and history of condition, a Thoracic Epdiural Steroid Injection can remedy upper body pain.

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