Stem Cell Injections

For safe and effective regenerative injections in Atlanta, turn to the dedicated professionals at Envision Orthopaedics & Spine. We are a comprehensive spine care center offering state-of-the-art non-surgical treatments and effective solutions for complex spine problems including acute and chronic pain.

If you have an acute or chronic spine and back pain and have not been able to find relief from conservative treatments such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications, you may be a good candidate for biologic injections. This unique tissue is available as an injection and is comprised of growth factors, collagens, and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in your body’s ability to regenerate, degenerative tissue.

Since joint pain is caused by damaged cartilage, regenerative medicine may potentially replace the damaged cells and help the body to create new stronger, and healthier cells. Stem cell therapy injections are used to treat joint and spine pain. The procedure can be performed in the comfort of our fully-equipped spine center.

Regenerative Injections for the Spine

Do you need anti-inflammatories for chronic back pain? Allograft tissue injections are used in treating chronic pain and joint degeneration. Regenerative medicine has been used for decades in wound care and other medical specialties. However, their role in pain management and orthopedics is becoming more and more prominent as their potential for musculoskeletal condition repair becomes more and more apparent.

This has important implications in orthopedic medicine, specifically in dealing with the degenerative changes that occur due to osteoarthritis. Thanks to this important medical advancement, we are now able to offer treatments that work on actually repairing the tissue instead of solely focusing on treatments that mask the pain. We are proud to be one of Atlanta’s respected leaders in the field of regenerative medicine.

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Back Pain Relief with Stem Cell Injections

If you are looking for long term back pain relief, please contact our specialists at Envision Orthopaedics & Spine to find out if you are a candidate for regenerative injections. Call our office today at (404) 334-2480 to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic spine specialists. We look forward to serving you with top quality, comprehensive spine, and back care!

Is Stem Cell Therapy a New Back Surgery Technique?

While stem cell therapy itself is not necessarily a new phenomenon, the use of adult stem cells in a clinical setting to treat degenerative spine conditions and injuries is a relatively new back surgery technique.

Patients suffering from chronic neck or back pain, who have not found relief from conservative pain treatments, may benefit from our Envision Orthopaedics & Spine exclusive Stem cell therapy procedures. Stem cell therapy is an innovative way to prevent and even reverse disc degeneration in your spine. Stem cell therapy harnesses the healing power of a patient’s stem cells and uses that power to restore and rebuild diseased discs in the spine.

During the Stem cell procedure, the surgeon will harvest a patient’s stem cells and inject them into the affected area of the spine. The stem cells will then attract additional stem cells to the diseased area to help restore the damaged disc by repairing the tissue and cartilage in the spine. This process is sped along by low-level lasers, photo-light activation, and regenerative medicine. The average procedure lasts about 90 minutes.

Conditions Treated by Stem Cell Therapy

The purpose of Stem cell therapy is to create an alternative to spine surgery by using your own cells to repair diseased discs and restore your mobility and quality of life. While Stem cells can be used to treat several spine conditions, the most common conditions treated are:
• Annular tears
• Bulging discs
• Herniated discs

Our exclusively offered Stem cell procedures can help you find an alternative way to rebuild your spine health without removing discs or inserting implants. Some of the other advantages of our Stem cell therapy treatments include:
¥ Regenerates the disc
¥ Promotes long term spine health
¥ Provides relief from painful disc problems

With our Envision Orthopaedics & Spine – Stem cell therapy procedures, you have the opportunity to harness your own power to rebuild your spine health and restore your quality of life.

Alternatives to Cervical Spinal Fusion

Cervical spinal fusion alternatives reduce the risk of potential complications like nerve damage, infection, and failed back surgery syndrome. Adult stem cell therapy is an example of a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that may help patients who are experiencing the symptoms of common degenerative spine conditions. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our procedures and how they may affect your health.

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