Bulging Disc Treatment

Spine Center Atlanta has the expertise you need for effective bulging disc treatment in Atlanta. Our dedicated team of Orthopaedic Surgeons and experienced ancillary staff utilizes cutting-edge technology and knowledge to give patients the long-term relief they deserve from a lumbar bulging disc. We are a comprehensive spine care center offering state-of-the-art treatments and effective solutions for complex spine problems causing back and neck pain.

At Spine Center Atlanta , we understand the impact that chronic back pain can have on a person’s quality of life and we are committed to helping patients reclaim a productive lifestyle. Our facility is equipped with a full range of spine care services including alternative therapies, conservative treatments as well as advanced surgical options when other methods have failed.

Bulging Disc Symptoms

Approximately 90 percent of bulging discs occur in the lower back or lumbar area of the spine. Lumbar bulging disc symptoms are usually a result of spinal nerve compression. Patients may suffer lower back pain that is dull, sharp, or burning. Your bulging disc symptoms may also result in weakness, numbness, and tingling in the legs and can trigger sciatic nerve pain and muscle spasms as well. Spine Center Atlanta has back pain specialists that can diagnose and alleviate your lumbar bulging disc symptoms effectively.

What Causes Bulging Discs?

A lumbar bulging disc can be caused by a number of contributing factors. The lumbar region bears most of your body weight, weakens with age, and is more prone to strain from lifting and other strenuous activity. At Spine Center Atlanta , we help patients understand the cause of their bulging discs so that they can best avoid the associated painful symptoms, which may include proper posture when lifting and certain exercises to strengthen core muscles.

Regardless of what caused your bulging disc, Spine Center Atlanta can help you find a treatment solution that improves your physical function and quality of life. If you or someone in your family suffers from acute or chronic back pain, contact our physicians today for an appointment.