Types of Failed Neck Surgery

The purpose of most neck surgery is to reduce and eliminate chronic pain. That is why there is little as stressful as finding that your surgery may have failed. Yet failed neck surgery is surprisingly common, and it is a risk that comes with essentially every type of surgical technique.

As a part of diagnosing and treating failed neck surgery, one of the first questions we may ask is to review the type of surgery you completed. Just as there are many different techniques for addressing neck pain, so too are there many different types of failed neck surgery.

Why Neck Surgery may Fail

Failed neck surgery means that pain has come back in any form. Often one of the most common reasons for failure is a misdiagnosed issue, which may mean that the failure is due to the surgery itself – such as using the wrong type of technique to address the cause of the pain.

Some of the most common techniques include:

  • Failed Neck Fusion – Cervical spinal fusion is a common way to treat issues like neck injuries, degenerative disc disease, cervical hernias, and more. Although the surgery can be highly successful, issues such as adjacent segment disease, surgical error, and missed neck pain sources may all contribute to failed neck fusion.
  • Failed ACDF – Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion fails at a lower rate, but can still fail due to issues such as poor quality surgery, pseudo-arthritis, and infection.
  • Failed Artificial Disc in Cervical Spine – Artificial disc installation in the cervical spine runs the risk of failure if the body reacts to the artificial disc as a foreign invader, or if the hardware breaks down over time.
  • Failed Cervical Cage – Interbody cages require significant dependence on hardware, and while breakage is rare, the cages can impact nerve roots or dislodge on the body, which may lead to significant pain and discomfort.

Excellent surgeons have excellent success rates. But almost any type of neck surgery runs the risk of failure. When you suffer from some type of failed neck surgery, knowing the type of surgery is important for determining treatment.

Treatment Steps for Failed Neck Surgery

If you have pain in your neck after neck surgery, and there is a chance that your neck surgery failed, a proper diagnosis from a trained FBSS expert is important. Here at Spine Center Atlanta, we see patients from all over the United States to help determine the exact cause of their failed neck surgery, and what can be done to treat it. For more information, please call us today at 404-900-7690.