Spinal Arthritis Treatment

For state-of-the-art, personalized spinal arthritis diagnosis and treatment, you can trust the double board-certified Orthopaedic spine surgeons and spine specialists from Envision Orthopaedics & Spine. We are a spine center of excellence located in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. Our spine center specializes in finding effective solutions to chronic and acute spinal pain conditions and injuries.

Our physicians and staff members are dedicated to helping patients who suffer from spinal arthritis find relief from their pain and other symptoms so they can return to an active and productive lifestyle. If you suffer from spinal arthritis, schedule an appointment today so we can get started on your customized and comprehensive treatment plan.

Spinal Arthritis Symptoms

If you suffer from pain and stiffness in the neck or back, weakness, or numbness in the legs or arms or other symptoms associated with spinal arthritis, we can help. By combining our experience and expertise with the most advanced technology, equipment, and treatment methods, we are able to achieve dramatic results for our spinal arthritis patients.

Our spine physicians and Orthopedic spine surgeons are highly qualified to offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for spinal arthritis. After a complete evaluation and accurate diagnosis, we can recommend a treatment plan that is customized to meet your specific needs, challenges, and treatment goals.

Our physicians work collaboratively with our on-staff physical therapists, licensed massage therapists, and acupuncturists to provide a truly comprehensive approach to treatment. Our spine care center features a physical therapy and rehabilitation center with aquatic therapy, a wellness center, an MRI center, and a surgery center, on-site. This enables you to get all the care you need to treat your spinal arthritis, in one convenient and easily accessible location.

Causes of Spinal Arthritis

In some cases, spinal arthritis is caused by the wear and tear associated with the normal aging process. It can also be caused or exacerbated by an injury to the spine, a genetic defect involving the cartilage in the spine, or a condition that makes the spine lose its proper formation. Whatever the cause of your spinal arthritis, we can help you find relief!

If you have spinal arthritis, please contact our specialists at Envision Orthopaedics & Spine today to schedule an appointment with one of our spine specialists. For your convenience, our practice works with most major insurance providers and we also accept Personal Injury Letters of Protection. Please call our office to find out about your specific plan. We look forward to serving you.