Bone Spur

Bone Spur



Spine Center Atlanta is your best source for effective bone spur treatment in Atlanta. We are a comprehensive spine care center that offers state-of-the-art treatments and effective solutions for those that suffer from neck and back pain. You can count on the Orthopedic Surgeons at Spine Center Atlanta to utilize cutting-edge technology and knowledge in providing both surgical and non-surgical solutions for complex spine problems including neck and back pain caused by bone spurs.

Our goal is to give patients the long-term relief and improved physical function they need to enhance their quality of life. Our bone spur treatments include a full range of non-invasive solutions, such as epidural steroid injections and nerve root blocks to alleviate your pain.

Symptoms of Bone Spurs

A bone spur, or osteophyte, is simply an enlargement of your body’s normal bone structure. When these bony projections grow, they can protrude into surrounding tissues and cause pain and other symptoms. Spine Center Atlanta specializes in diagnosing and treating bone spurs along the spine that press against spinal nerves or bones.

If you have any of the following bone spurs symptoms, we can help:

• Severe neck or back pain

• Weakness in the extremities

• Radiating arm and leg pain

• Restricted movement

• Numbness

What Causes Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs can be caused by aging disc degeneration, arthritis, poor posture, and traumatic injury. Bone spurs form when our body tries to increase the surface area of a joint to better distribute weight across the joint surface. Unfortunately, this often leads to painful bone spurs and limited joint movement. Our experienced spine doctors and ancillary staff are dedicated to helping you find relief from your bone spur pain. We have a full-service spine care center equipped to offer a treatment solution that is best for you.

Contact our experts today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you with superior spine, back, and neck care.