Spine Center Atlanta

Our Address is: 

3161 Howell Mill Rd NW

Atlanta, GA 30327

Our Office is open:

M-F 9 AM-9PM, and Sat 10AM – 2PM

(p) 404-478-2399

Urgent Care Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 5pM-8PM

Saturday 9AM – 5PM

Closed Wednesday, Friday & Saturday for Urgent Care.

Orthopedic Surgeon & Pain Management Assistance in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you suffering from back pain, pain down the legs or arm pain caused by sciatica, pinched nerves, arthritis or other spine problems? These conditions can impact your physical health, persistent back pain can also affect your daily activities and emotional well-being. At our spine pain center in Atlanta, Georgia we offer a variety of nonsurgical techniques, including nerve blocks, injections and medications, to quickly and effectively reduce your pain and discomfort.

Our services include:

  • Epidural steroid injection: A corticosteroid is injected into the epidural space of the spine to decrease pain and inflammation.
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint injection: An injection in the SI joint is used to treat pain associated with inflammation, arthritis or muscle strains.
  • Intra transforaminal steroid injection: A steroid is injected from an angle in the back. A fluoroscopy contrast dye is used to identify the injection point.
  • Medial Branch Block & RFA procedures
  • Facet joint injections: A corticosteroid injection is made in the facet joint where the vertebrae connect.
  • Nerve blocks (Peripheral)
  • Stem Cell Therapy using Bone Marrow Concentrate, and PRP

Welcome to Spine Center Atlanta, GA

When it comes to your health, it is important you seek out the best. Located in the Atlanta, GA, Spine Center Atlanta provides advanced orthopedic care for bone and joint disorders. We operate several specialty centers that focus on providing expertise in general orthopedics, joint replacement, neck and pain management, back pain management, spine treatment, pediatrics, trauma and spinal conditions, oncology and sports health among others.  Spine Center Atlanta has the experience needed to significantly improve your quality of life.

Our integrated orthopedic team comprise of top board-certified physicians, most of who are trained and work together with orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic doctors, therapists, primary care physicians, physical rehabilitation specialists, certified athletic trainers, neurologists and other care providers to offer routine and personalized care that ranges from minimally invasive and robot-assisted procedures to non-surgical treatments like physical therapy and injections.

From the initial patient contact and custom-made testing to diagnosis and treatment, our physician teams will:

  • Use the most recent imaging and diagnostic technology to determine the root cause of your pain;
  • Use their specialized knowledge and expertise to recommend the best treatment for you;
  • Work with you to help return you to the best possible state;
  • Teach you to take responsibility for your improvement and also how to maintain and enhance joint function over their lifetime.

Furthermore, when your healing process begins, our skilled rehabilitation experts will help you to set healing goals and also show you how to achieve them. Regardless of the age, our team will work with you to help find relief from pain and gets you back in shape in no time. With expertise and compassion, they will offer you a personalized care you deserve.  For further details about our innovative orthopedic care or you want to book an appointment with any of our orthopedic experts, please call us on 404-351-5812. We look forward to seeing you soon.