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Welcome to Spine Center Atlanta Savannah

Regardless of your age, you feel more productive and better when you can move easily. At Spine Center Atlanta Savannah, we are dedicated to offering compassionate and top-quality care for orthopedic patients. Our orthopedic team consists of certified and insured physicians and surgeons who complement one another in performing the most advanced procedures for the ultimate benefit of every patient.

They cover a wide range of medical specialties including orthopedics, neurosurgery, regenerative medicine, internal medicine, and pain management among others. In addition to their superior training and experience, our orthopedic surgeons use advanced, non-invasive surgical procedures and the most recent technologies available to provide outstanding care for every joint and bone in the body.

Be it orthopedic treatment for bone, muscle, tendon, partial and total joint replacement and revision, arthroscopy, plastic and reconstructive, nerve and joint injuries, podiatry and physical therapy services, our team of expert physicians are constantly monitoring and evaluating our top-quality indicators to ensure you get the most progressive, innovative and comprehensive care for your condition.

In addition, they have the ability to replace all major joints and perform advanced arthritis surgery. All these are aimed at achieving the maximum quality of life with the minimum amount of risk.

With expertise and compassion, our orthopedic surgeons will provide you with the personalized care you deserve. At Spine Center Atlanta Savannah, keeping you healthy is as important as helping you heal! To book an appointment with us, call us today on 912-348-8561. We look forward to seeing you soon.