The Benefits of Having Spine Surgery

We do not recommend any spine surgery procedures unless your pain prevents normal lifestyle activities and has not responded to a conservative treatment plan. At that time, you can think of surgery as the first step in the healing and recovery process. It can help relieve pressure on your spinal nerve(s) and, thereby, help relieve your pain. It also may help you begin the process of regaining some of the lost mobility in your extremities.

The success rates of cervical and lumbar surgeries are mostly favorable, with a 75-90% success rate. Following surgery, most patients will have significant improvement in their function (ability to perform normal daily activities) and markedly reduced levels of pain and discomfort.

Your surgeon has the training and expertise to correct physical defects by performing the operation; he and the rest of your total spine care team will support your recovery. The benefits of spine surgery allow your body to regain functionality that was lost and to heal the involved muscle, nerve, and bone tissues, however your level of healing will be determined by your age, your general health and the severity of the damage to your spinal nerve(s). Other factors that will determine your success of healing include whether you smoke, have diabetes, osteoporosis, and/or if you have had previous surgeries.

There are no guarantees for any elective surgery, particularly with complex spine problems. However, your chances for a successful outcome are very good and will depend on a strong, positive attitude, setting small goals for improvement, and working steadily to accomplish each goal.

spine surgery benefits

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This information has been provided by Spine Center Atlanta and is intended to contain current information on the subjects presented. However, it should not replace a visit to your orthopaedic and spine care specialist who will conduct a thorough examination and provide a diagnosis if you are currently experiencing back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain.