Independent Medical Evaluations

Spine Center Atlanta and our orthopedic surgeons offers independent medical evaluation services for insurance claims professionals, self-insured groups, attorneys, and workers compensation programs.

Comprehensive Services

• Prompt schedulingOrthopedic Surgeon performing an Independent Medical Evaluations
• Chart preparation
• Excellent communication between client, claimant, and physician
• Diagnostic testing arrangements
• Quality Assurance
• Credentialing providers
• Provider training
• Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
• Expert Testimony/Deposition

Service Standards

• Exams scheduled with board-certified physicians and surgeons
• Appointments confirmed within 48 hours of the request
• Exams scheduled within ten business days of the request
• Comprehensive reporting procedures
• Final report within seven days of the exam

Benefits of using Spine Center Atlanta for your IME Expert Document Coordination

• Increased quality of life and early safe return-to-work for the claimant
• Avoidance of complications and re-injury
• Early identification of inappropriate and non-related care
• Professional liaison with the claimant, employer, insurance carrier, and medical provider
• Prompt reports (within seven days)

Scheduling an IME Appointment

Having the following information available will help expedite the scheduling of your appointment or consultation:

• Type of claim (Worker’s Compensation, Casualty, Personal Injury, LTD, etc.)
• Medical specialty required (Spine, OrthopaedicOrthopaedic, or other)
• Confirmed or potential trial or hearing dates
• Requests for expediting final reports
• Special time requirements for physical examination (more time required)
• Additional person (chiropractor, physician or attorney) present during the examination
• Interpreter requirements
• Provide medical records and correspondence ten business days before your appointment (allow more time if large quantities of medical records are involved)
• Please note – Cancellation fees may be charged if the appointment is canceled within 72 hours of appointment time

Please contact our experts today to schedule an appointment.