Second Opinions for Spine Surgery

Whether you are an injured worker currently receiving medical care or an individual whose physician has recommended orthopedic and spine surgery, A Second Opinion from the orthopedic specialists at Spine Center Atlanta can confirm a diagnosis, proposed treatment and provide you with comfort and assurance in your decision on spine care and treatment. Additionally, a second opinion may also provide you with alternative diagnoses and treatment options.

Technical Expertisesecond opinion laser spine surgery

Back pain has caused human suffering since the beginning of time, but the understanding of spinal problems and the development of specialized care for the spine has occurred only in the past few decades. Great advances in non-operative treatments of spinal disorders as well as diagnostic capabilities and surgical techniques have been made.

There are successful new treatments that include improved microscopic techniques for minimally invasive spinal decompression, fusion techniques with state-of-the-art instrumentation using segmental fixation devices and/or interbody cages, as well as advanced bone grafting techniques.

With the rapidly evolving and complex discipline of spine surgery, a physician trained specifically in spine surgery is better able to provide effective solutions for acute and chronic neck and back pain. Spine Center Atlanta is a comprehensive spine health care environment that provides total spine care by board-certified physicians and surgeons.

Our Easy and Convenient Second Opinion Process

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• Provide us with your medical history
• Provide us with your x-rays and other testing results
• Meet with Spine Center Atlanta for a second opinion

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