Coflex® Non-Fusion Interlaminar Stabilization™

The Coflex® device is a small, titanium implant that goes in the back of your spine to treat moderate to severe spinal stenosis. After you receive anesthesia and are prepared for surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision in your back and performs a surgical decompression, which includes the removal of bone and soft tissue in and around your spine. This surgical treatment takes the pressure off your nerves that are causing you pain. The surgeon then inserts the Coflex® device through the same incision
until it is secured on the laminar bone, which is the strongest bone in the back of your spine.

The Coflex® device is specifically designed to help keep your spine stable after decompression surgery. The Coflex® device also maintains the normal height between your vertebral bones so your nerves can exit the foramen and extend to your lower extremities.

Also, the Coflex® device doesn’t fuse your vertebral bones together, so motion and natural movement are kept in your spine at the operated area, as well as in the neighboring parts of your spine. It is strong yet simple, and flexible enough to support your spine without having to fuse your bones together. The Coflex® device allows your vertebral bones to move in a controlled way so the decompressed area is not unnaturally stiffened or fused!

Coflex® Procedural Video

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