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Anterior/Posterior Spine Fusion


Spine Center Atlanta is proud to be one of Atlanta’s leading providers of Anterior/Posterior 360° Surgery. We are a spine center of excellence located in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta. Our comprehensive spine facility offers effective surgical treatments and non-surgical solutions for a full range of chronic and acute back and neck pain and conditions.

Our practice features an experienced, double board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. James L. Chappuis, and a dedicated team of spine physicians and specialists. Our surgeons and spine specialists combine their experience and expertise with the most advanced technology, equipment, and surgical techniques to provide dramatic results for our clients.

If you have spine instability due to fractures, a failed spinal fusion procedure, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, or any other reason, we can help. Call our spine center today and schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Anterior/Posterior 360° Surgery.

Front and Back Spinal Fusion in Atlanta

Spine Fusion Example

Spine Center Atlanta is Georgia’s trusted expert when it comes to the front and back spinal fusion surgery. Anterior/Posterior 360° is a surgical procedure that can be used to stabilize the spine. It involves fusing both the front and back of the spine. This two-step process starts with an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) in the front of the spine.

At this point, a Posterior Instrumented Lumbar Fusion using a bone graft and instrumentation is performed on the back of the spine, for added stability.

The bone graft may be an autograph (taken from your own body) or an allograph (taken from a bone bank). The instrumentation may include metal rods, screws, or hooks. Once the vertebrae have been surgically stabilized, abnormal motion is stopped and function is restored to the spinal nerves.

Double board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. James L. Chappuis, is highly qualified to perform Anterior/Posterior 360° Surgery. Using this advanced surgical procedure, he has helped countless patients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia achieve increased spinal stability, improved function, and a better overall quality of life.

We Offer Effective Treatments for Spinal Instability

At Spine Center Atlanta, we offer effective surgical treatments for spinal instability as well as complete spine care. Our spine center features a surgical center, MRI center, wellness center, and physical therapy and rehabilitation center, on-site. This means that you can get all the care you need from initial diagnosis through surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation, all in one convenient and easily accessible location.

If you would like to get more information about Anterior/Posterior 360° Surgery or to schedule an appointment, please contact our surgeons today. For your convenience, we work with most major insurance providers and accept worker’s compensation insurance as well as Personal Injury Letters of Protection.

Please call our office to find out about your specific insurance plan. We look forward to serving you with cutting-edge, personalized spine care.

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