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Lumbar Discectomy


The disc is the shock absorber between each spinal bone of the spinal column. It contains a nucleus center. You can imagine it like a jelly donut, intact the jelly or nucleus stays inside the donut or disc which is the harder outer protective layer. When a disc bulges it has left it’s proper position between the spinal bones which are called vertebrae. When a disc herniates the inner nucleus bursts out, much like what happens when you take a big bite of a jelly donut!

When there is this type of assault on the disc it’s materials can press on nerves causing numbness, tingling, weakness and pain. There are many less invasive treatments for example, Chiropractic, medication, Decompression and Physical Therapy,  but once exhausted or if pain and symptoms are severe Lumbar Discectomy is the most common surgical procedure for these disc issues.

A Lumbar Discectomy removes the portion of the disc that is causing stress on the nerves and creating pain. It is an inpatient surgical procedure with general anesthesia. It may require a small 1-2 day hospital stay and some limitations upon release as far as prolonged positions and activity. Many patients feel immediate permanent relief to the effected area with minimal down time.

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