Above & Beyond Membership Program

The Spine Center Atlanta Above & Beyond Membership Program is designed to offer patients covered by workers’ compensation continued access to the facility’s wellness center, exercise equipment, and one wellness session per week of either yoga, pilates, or a fitness class. This unique and one-of-a-kind program offers your claimant an opportunity for self-directed exercise, eventually lowering cost and increasing the claimant’s motivation to lead a healthier, safety-conscious, more fit, and “well” lifestyle.

Offered exclusively to “graduating” patients of the center’s rehabilitation program, the Above & Beyond program allows patients to continue on a path of positive lifestyle change as their pain diminishes and range of motion, strength, and flexibility improves. According to workers’ compensation disability guidelines, “there is considerable evidence of the efficacy for mind-body therapies such as yoga in the treatment of chronic pain. The impact on depression and disability could be considered as important for further study.”

Orthopedic Surgeon working with patients

Program participants move from “patients” to “members”, allowing them unrestricted and unlimited access to the facility’s aquatic and exercise programs Monday through Friday, 8 am until 6 pm. Appointments are NOT required. There are no contracts and no initiation fees. This is a “pay as you go” program, allowing the patients to continued access to the facility as long as their membership fees are approved and paid timely by their workers’ compensation carrier.

To receive more specific information regarding this cost-effective program, please contact our program coordinator or call (404) 352-4200.