Four Celebrities Who Overcame Car Accident Injuries

Jan 19, 2022

Four Celebrities Who Overcame Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can be one of the most traumatic events that happen to anyone. In addition to the physical injuries, there is also mental and emotional distress that people in serious collisions often have to work through.

Car accidents can be one of the most traumatic events that happen to anyone. In addition to the physical injuries, there is also mental and emotional distress that people in serious collisions often have to work through. No matter how major of a car accident or extensive the injuries, it’s easy to feel like you are alone in the aftermath. 

Hearing other people’s stories can be inspiring to people who have been in a car accident, and in our celebrity-obsessed culture, the details of the rich and famous can be especially interesting. From hearing how celebrities have worked through neck and back injury to how they dealt with emotional trauma, these stories can humanize those we sometimes put on a pedestal. It can also make your own problems seem more manageable if you know that someone else has been through what you have. 

That’s why we’re sharing four celebrities who overcame car accident injuries both minor and major. If you’re dealing with a car crash-related injury or back pain and would like to learn more about your options for relief, don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring and dedicated team. 

1. Jennifer Gray

In 1987, actress Jennifer Gray was on vacation in Ireland with then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick. After being a passenger in a rental car in poor conditions, she and Broderick collided head-on with another vehicle. Gray survived the car crash with minor injuries at the time, but she suffered whiplash that would lead to years of chronic neck pain. 

Over the following years, Gray dealt with everything from neck spasms and headaches to severe nerve compression. She attempted conservative therapies for years, including massage, heating pads, and anti-inflammatory medication. Finally, she underwent spine surgery a little over 10 years ago after fully pursuing nonsurgical therapies. 

After recovering from the procedure, the Dirty Dancing star was able to get back on the floor with an appearance on Dancing with the Stars. 

2. Kevin Hart 

The famous actor and comedian was in a major car crash in 2019 that left him partially paralyzed before he got the help he needed. Hart was driving in Los Angeles before he drove his car, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, off an embankment. His injuries were devastating, and he lost movement and sensation in the aftermath of the car accident. 

Hart later admitted in interviews that he did not fully admit the extent of his pain to doctors because he was afraid it would slow his recovery. He says that while he is almost fully recovered, in hindsight, it is very important to follow the advice of doctors and not move too fast during rehab. 

Hart also shared that the car accident helped him see the importance of family and is now making that a larger priority in his life. 

3. Paula Abdul

Singer, dancer, and television personality Paula Abdul has dealt with chronic pain for years and has had a public struggle with pain killers. For Abdul, the pain resulted from a combination of accidents and injuries, including from dance rehearsals, a plane crash, and a car accident in 1992. 

Over the years, Abdul has reportedly undergone 15 spinal surgeries to treat her various injuries and pain. Today, she stresses that a combination of alternative therapies, regular exercise, an anti-inflammatory diet, and a positive mindset help her manage her pain. This treatment plan has enabled the 57-year-old to enjoy a Las Vegas residency in recent years. 

4. Melanie Griffith

In 1980, actress Melanie Griffith was hit by a car in Los Angeles while crossing the street. She experienced whiplash and was then thrown forward approximately 12 feet. She reports still experiencing pain until this day as a result of the car accident. Fortunately, the actress was still able to enjoy a successful and productive career over the following years, despite further setbacks.

Griffith has also suffered a ski accident and even a run-in with a lion while filming the 1981 movie “Roar.” Over the years, she has been able to manage her pain and overcome addiction by committing to rehab and a healthy lifestyle.

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