Working with A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? We Can Help.

Feb 09, 2022

Working with A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? We Can Help

A motorcycle crash can cause serious injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are overrepresented in serious crashes. In fact, motorcyclists are four times more likely to be injured in a crash...

A motorcycle crash can cause serious injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are overrepresented in serious crashes. In fact, motorcyclists are four times more likely to be injured in a crash compared to people in cars and other passenger vehicles. 

This is why despite anyone’s best efforts and safe riding, motorcycle accidents can still occur that cause life-changing injuries. This can be a confusing and traumatizing time for anyone. People often find themselves having to navigate a complicated legal, insurance, and health system. 

Because of this, many who are involved in a crash work with a motorcycle accident lawyer, or a personal injury attorney.

If you have a motorcycle accident lawyer, Spine Center Atlanta can help. We have extensive experience helping patients with motorcycle crash injuries while working closely with attorneys specializing in these cases. 

To help you have a smooth and successful treatment journey, we’re sharing this guide to working with a motorcycle crash lawyer and how we can be part of your team. 

Always Get Checked Out by a Qualified Doctor

Never skip seeing a doctor after a motorcycle accident. For legal and insurance coverage reasons, you need to establish a medical record for the motorcycle crash immediately. This ensures injuries that develop in the time after the crash are associated with your claim if they are accident-related.

Your health should be your top priority. Being proactive with your care helps you stay on top of your treatment and recovery. Even if there are no immediate injuries after the crash, issues such as whiplash usually have a delayed onset. 

By getting treatment early, you can get a head start on any long-term care. 

Your motorcycle crash lawyer may refer you to a doctor with experience in dealing with vehicle-related injuries, but you are always able to work with a physician of your choice. 

Write Down and Record Everything About Your Motorcycle Accident

One thing you should do to help your motorcycle accident lawyer and your treatment is to get as much information as possible about the crash. After a motorcycle accident, you should document everything. This can mean writing it down on paper or using your smartphone. 

Your motorcycle lawyer can use a written account of the events of the crash, pictures of the scene of the accident, any property damage, contact and basic insurance information from other parties in the accident. 

In the days following the crash, write down any symptoms you have that could be potentially related to your injury too. This can help both your motorcycle crash lawyer and your chosen medical provider. Make sure you have access to information for any relevant medical records of the accident and your overall health as you work with your motorcycle crash attorney

Relief is In Your Hands — and Ours

Your motorcycle accident lawyer’s job is to ensure you get full payment for any injuries you receive from the crash. This means ensuring that any and all medical expenses you require are paid for by an insurance claim or settlement. But getting better is up to you — and your chosen injury treatment provider.

It’s crucial to be proactive about your medical care if you want a positive outcome from your motorcycle-related injury. A caring and dedicated provider, with experience providing care for your type of case is just as important as a good motorcycle crash lawyer. 

Patients dealing with motorcycle accident-related injuries need customized care, including:

  • Physical therapy 
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Massage therapy 
  • Pain management injections
  • Alternative therapies, including acupuncture 

You should also focus on your wellness after a motorcycle crash. Staying active through your treatment and eating a good diet can have a major impact on your ability to overcome injury and get back to a good quality of life and do the things you love. 

Experience the Spine Center Atlanta Difference

For many motorcycle accident injuries, surgery is a last-resort treatment. For example, in the case of neck or back pain from a herniated or bulging disc, patients will usually fully pursue nonsurgical treatment before surgery. But if you have tried weeks or months of treatment and your pain is still serious and causing dysfunction, surgery can help you achieve long-term relief. 

With advances in medical technology and surgical technique, spine surgery has become less invasive and offers a shorter recovery. If you are dealing with a motorcycle-related injury-causing neck pain, back pain, or other spine-related symptoms, turn to the expert and experienced team at Spine Center Atlanta. 

Visionary founder, Medical Director, and board-certified surgeon Dr. James L. Chappuis has the experience and expertise to develop personalized treatment plans for each person who comes to us for help. We have extensive experience working with personal injury attorneys, including motorcycle accident lawyers. 

At our state-of-the-art facilities, the extremely skilled and compassionate Spine Center Atlanta team has been helping people overcome motorcycle accident-related injuries for years. We work with a broad range of payment types, including personal injury letters of protection, workers’ compensation claims, and most forms of health insurance. If you are being represented by a motorcycle accident attorney, we know how to help. 

Our goal is to create a personalized care plan that is just right for your treatment goals. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment today.